Wed. May 29th, 2024
It seems to be more political show than practical effect,
So it is important to WATCH what kind of long-term policies should be considered for alleviating poverty and improving education & skills for Canadian Indigenous majority grassroots #politics #Election2021 for your vote.
The Chinese Canadians and First Nation peoples, two victims of the mistreatments by white Canadians. The government had already issued an apology for each ethnicity, but has the apology established harmony for the targeted ethnicities in reality? Justice comes before reconciliation; true reconciliation achieve at the expense of justice. Can real justice be arrived when the Eurocentric pretence of landownership and colonist point of view of Canadian history are still present?
The development of Canada is built on oppression — The cross-country railroad that connected the lands, that were forcefully taken from the natives, was built by the cheap Chinese labour. In fact, the damage of colonization is still occurring in both ethnicities. The apologies and reconciliation policies are not mandated a reconciliation process that engage both sides, as perpetrators are not included in the process. Thus, the impression that reconciliation has already happened is false. Maybe being in solidarity for a more just future can be an option? It is only by standing united, putting efforts together to take a stand against the aftermaths from our shared past of oppression.
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